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Top 5 Kitchen Designs Trends of 2020 You Need to Know

Luxury kitchens

Renovating your kitchen is as important as revamping the other spaces. If you are designing your kitchen, here are the top 5 Luxury kitchens designs of 2020.

A functional kitchen includes many elements, from layouts to cabinets to worktops and appliances. While you will find many trends, a functional yet aesthetically good looking space is at the core of kitchen designs. It is the year of “living kitchen,” i.e., a space that combines functionality, aesthetics, and technology to make the tasks easier.

You can design your kitchen according to the newest trends in many ways. Today, we will look at the top 5 kitchen designs of 2020. You can surely pick one of these; however, selecting the right look for your kitchen is important. Many factors influence the kitchen design, including the set up of the already installed cupboards and lights. However, if you’re designing the kitchen style from scratch, you have a handful of options to design your kitchen perfectly.


⦁ Monochromatic and Black Kitchens
A monochromatic color scheme will give a trendy, elegant look to your kitchen. This is the perfect Luxury kitchens design, whether you have a modern apartment or a traditional family home. You can choose the kitchen interior according to the color scheme, like in black, white, and charcoal.

Interiors in darker shades are gaining popularity as they complement the house. Monochromatic kitchen color offers a stylish and sleek design that will impress anyone.


⦁ Colorful Kitchens
While some people prefer monochromatic shades, others may opt for tasteful colors in kitchen design. Incorporating and mixing vibrant colors make your kitchen stand out and look very attractive. From vivid greens to deep purples for a bold look to earthy-mid or paler greens for a contemporary touch, the choice is yours.
You can even combine vibrant colors with stones and natural wood grains. If you want a refreshing feel, go for serene color palettes with soft gray, dusky pink, and sage green. It doesn’t matter if you choose darker shades or light colors as long as the color combination uplifts the kitchen’s look.


⦁ Eco-friendly Kitchens
An eco-friendly kitchen design will be perfect for you if you want to help the planet and save energy. Hence, this design includes using sustainable furniture and reducing carbon footprint; it will increase your home’s value.
Other steps to a sustainable living may include adding recycling bins in the cupboards or installing a 3 in 1 hot water tap in your Luxury kitchens. You can also use induction hobs for saving energy.


⦁ Smart Kitchens
As mentioned, 2020 is the year of the living kitchen, which will combine technology, aesthetics, and function. You may already have many smart technological devices in your kitchen, such as vacuum drawers, steam ovens, etc.

The smart tech will help maintain a sleek aesthetic look with high-end technology. It means everything could function with WiFi-enabled gadgets such as smartphones.

Smart lights or automated lighting solutions, and even USB sockets in Luxury  kitchens drawers are a few examples of the features of a smart kitchen. The best way to incorporate this design is to add wooden textures around the kitchen while using smart tech.


⦁ Kitchen Island
This isn’t a new trend, but it has made a comeback in the industry with a variation, i.e., the kitchen island dining table. Traditional kitchen islands give your kitchen an upgraded look, especially when you add fancy lights like pendant lightings.

Kitchen island dinner tables are an extension of the kitchen islands. Dining islands will help dedicate an isolated space where you and your family can spend time together, enjoy meals, and even work. This design is also a good option if you use your dining space for entertainment purposes, such as a game night with a delicious dinner.

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