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The Most Trending Kitchen Style in 2020

Kitchen Style

The perfect way to celebrate the new year is to reinvent your living space or add modern touches to your home’s busiest areas. Making your kitchen style comfortable and accessible lets you enjoy your cooking sessions, allows convenience, and reduces clean-up time. Create your perfect kitchen style with our huge collection of kitchen ideas. You could be ripping out the old and installing a brand new kitchen, moving your kitchen into a new room or simply tackling a small project to update your current kitchen.

Whatever your kitchen project, we can give essential advice, from how to plan a kitchen to choosing kitchen lighting. If you are looking forward to making your kitchen style more contemporary, The labels modern and contemporary are pretty imprecise. Distinguishing the difference between contemporary vs modern kitchen design can involve splitting some hairs. here are some of the most trending kitchen styles to implement in 2020.

Mix-and-Match Metals
This year, experiment with different types of metals. Try going with a matte white or brass for your faucet, along with elegant nickel for your knobs. You can also choose a light metal with a dark one for your lighting fixtures to make your kitchen look chic.

Warm Finishes
While there is nothing wrong with a white or grey kitchen style, warm finishes are becoming popular this year. You can transform your wood cabinetry by complimenting it with warm-colored walls. Choose red, greens, and blues with tumbled stone floors or a honed quartzite countertop for an impressive look.

Marble Kitchen Countertops
Although Carrara marble will always be in fashion, quartz is another material that is trending this year. Engineered quartz looks like a natural stone and offers more durability as well. Homeowners love it because it is affordable.

Hidden Kitchen Appliances
If you are not fond of stainless-steel facades, add fronts to your appliances that look like your cabinetry. Dishwashers and refrigerators quickly disappear when they match their cabinet cohorts.

Kitchen Larders
Before the refrigerator, every home had a room for preserving and storing foods. But this is 2020: the year of kitchen larders. These functional kitchen components are significant for storying all dry goods and everything that you need to feed your family. The best part is they take a minimal amount of space.

Open Shelving
Not everyone is a fan of open shelves. However, open shelving allows homeowners to flaunt beautiful and antique kitchenware. Open shelves also help you find your stuff easily. Don’t forget to clean your display items regularly. Keep your everyday things on the most accessible shelf, and you will love adding this design to your kitchen.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinetry
Go for a rough-hewn, reclaimed wood aesthetic when installing kitchen cabinets. You can easily find excellent quality eco-friendly materials like bamboo for your kitchen cabinets.

Double islands
Not only do double islands expand a kitchen’s function, but this trend also helps maintain traffic glow. Incorporating this trend into your kitchen is an excellent way of dividing the area between serving and meal preparation. Moreover, cleaning up becomes quick and easy with dual sinks.For a unique style statement, this kitchen boasts dual islands with slightly different finishes. The central island, topped with Calacatta marble, stands out from the rest of the limestone countertops.

Final Thoughts
If the floor is the feet and appliances are the hands of your kitchen, cabinets and walls are the heart of this space. Adding visually aesthetic and functional ideas to your kitchen is an incredible way to impress your loved ones and hold memorable gatherings. Now that you know how to make your kitchen look trendier this year make sure you stick to colors and materials that go well with the entire décor of your home.



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