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The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Quartz or Granite for Your Kitchen Counters

You have plenty of different choices for your new kitchen counters.  Choose the right material and your counters will prove truly timeless.  Alternatively, if you choose the cheapest option or rush the decision, you will likely be disappointed with the look and durability of your kitchen counters in the months and years ahead.  Granite and quartz kitchen counters are widely revered as the best of all kitchen counter options for the reasons detailed below.

Reason #1: A Visually Striking Appearance

Granite is available in all sorts of different patterns and colors resulting from the manner in which it forms.  In short, the solidification and cooling of molten material makes granite absolutely gorgeous.  Whether you are in the market for a truly standout slab of granite that looks amazing in your kitchen or if you are searching for more of a subtle addition that brings out the best in the rest of your kitchen, granite will provide it.  

Quartz also makes quite the powerful visual impact.  Quartz looks similar to stone yet it provides considerable flexibility in terms of design customization.  Take a look at the different quartz kitchen counters on the market and it won’t take long to find one that looks perfect for your unique kitchen.

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Reason #2: Maintenance is Easier Than Most Assume

Granite kitchen counters will stand the test of time, looking absolutely amazing year after year if you are willing to clean them with regularity.  Clean your granite kitchen counters with water and soap or a mild cleaning solution and they will look just as good in the years ahead as they did when first installed.  Just be sure to have your granite counters resealed on a yearly basis to ensure they retain their beauty for as long as possible.  

Quartz also stands the test of time if spills are cleaned in a timely manner.  Similar to granite, quartz counters require little more than regular cleanings with a mild household cleaner or the combination of soap and water.  However, there is no need to reseal quartz kitchen counters.

Reason #3: Durable Surfaces

You need kitchen counters that can take a beating and still look flawless.  Both quartz and granite kitchen counters hold up well as the years progress.  Granite is a highly durable material that proves resistant to common kitchen elements such as heat from pots, pans, plates, etc.  Just be mindful of potential staining in the event that liquids are spilled.  Clean up those spills as soon as possible and you will have done your part to prevent staining and ultimately extend the lifespan of your granite kitchen counters.  

Quartz kitchen counters are even harder than those of the granite variety.  As a result, quartz kitchen counters are as durable as it gets.  Those familiar with this material insist it is just about indestructible.  However, there is the potential for particularly hot pots and pans to damage your quartz counters so be sure to place a heating pad beneath such blazing hot items to prevent them from contacting the counters. 

Reason #4: Quartz or Granite Counters Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

Both granite and quartz kitchen counters improve your home’s value.  Either surface will help market your home when the time comes to sell.  In fact, well-maintained quartz or granite kitchen counters have the potential to drive the price of your home higher and higher, potentially sparking a bidding war.  

There are no signs of either quartz or granite declining in popularity, meaning they will continue to boost home resale values in the years and decades ahead.  In other words, the majority of the money you invest in the addition of quartz or granite counters will be returned to you when you sell your home.

Reason #5: Quartz or Granite Counters are Unlikely to be Scratched

Can you imagine your newly-installed kitchen counters being scratched?  This is the nightmare scenario that has the potential to become your reality if you buy a cheap counter material.  Opt for granite or quartz counter and you will have no such worry.  Though granite and quartz counters have the potential to become scratched, there is less of a chance that they will be compromised as they are that much more capable of enduring the abuse that occurs in kitchens without suffering damage.  In fact, slicing and dicing can be performed directly on granite without worry of significant scratches.  Furthermore, if your granite counters end up with small or light scratching, they won’t be noticeable unless you are within a couple inches of the counter surface.

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