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Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen Prior to Selling a Home

The housing market is blazing hot in nearly every corner of the United States.  This is the perfect time to put your home on the market.  However, it might make sense to remodel your kitchen prior to putting your home up for sale as doing so will boost your property’s resale value.  Even if you are merely considering selling your home, it is sensible to invest in a kitchen remodel now so you can reap the rewards in the months or years ahead when the time comes to sell. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top Fairfax kitchen remodeling tips that will help you sell your home for top dollar.

What the Real Estate Experts Have to say About Kitchen Remodels

The real estate industry veterans insist it is better to keep your kitchen remodel simple as opposed to complex.  If you are thinking about selling your home, you should know the money you invest in your kitchen remodel is not guaranteed to be returned in the form of an elevated home price that is exactly dollar-for-dollar.  Rather, you are likely to receive at least 80% of your kitchen remodel investment back at the time of the sale assuming that sale occurs within half a decade or less of the point at which the remodel is performed.  

Strive for mass appeal with your kitchen remodel, ensuring it is viewed as an attractive component of the property by as many prospective buyers as possible.  Opt for neutral colors, features with mass appeal and also those that prove timeless.  Timeless kitchen remodels help maximize the return on investment regardless of the point in time when you put your home up for sale.  

Unless your kitchen has several luxury features and materials, it might not make sense to pay a considerable sum of money for top-notch costly upgrades.  Implement classic elements, try to make your kitchen as appealing as possible to all demographics and the remodel just might spark a bidding war for your home.

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Lighting is a Key Selling Point

Real estate agents of all demographics, backgrounds and experience levels insist home-seekers favor kitchens with optimal illumination.  Light uplifts the spirit and also makes it that much easier to prepare meals.  Artful lighting, lighting with dimmers, lit cabinets and even under-cabinet lighting should be considered.  Cabinets featuring glass doors in the front along with light are that much more attractive to prospective homebuyers.  Use light wisely and you will find your kitchen really is that much more inviting.


Reface your kitchen’s cabinets and they will make a considerable impact on those who tour your home during open houses or realtor showings.  Cabinet refacing makes kitchen cabinet doors that are tattered, worn or out of date look contemporary and upscale.  Refacing allows for the current cabinet structures to remain in their solid condition while updating their aesthetic in surprisingly little time.  Just be sure to carefully choose the new cabinet color and door style so it jives with the rest of your kitchen’s aesthetic.  A lovely natural wood finish or laminate that doesn’t require maintenance will hold considerable appeal to potential buyers.

Mind Those Counters!

If the counters in your home are even slightly disappointing, it is time to update them with a remodel prior to putting your home on the market.  Check out the different countertop options on the market and you will find there is a nearly endless number of options.  Consider the merits of gorgeous quartz, marble and granite countertops.  Alternatively, if your budget is limited, an artful laminate will suffice.  

Mind the Color

When in doubt, opt for neutral tones when remodeling your kitchen.  Shades of white, beige and grey have universal appeal that will generate interest from as many potential buyers as possible.  Though you might find granite counters with speckling to be visually striking, home-seekers might not agree, instead opting for a home with more neutral colors.  

Sweat the Small Stuff of Your Kitchen Remodel 

The moral of this story is to view your kitchen remodel from the perspective of potential buyers and implement improvements accordingly.  Strive for mass appeal with your kitchen remodel and you will receive top dollar for your property when the time comes to put it up for sale.  

Above all, sweat the small stuff.  Subtleties that might not seem that important really do add up to make a meaningful difference in the minds of home-seekers.  Everything from the backsplash to the floor material and the position of the lights has the potential to dramatically alter the perception of your home’s kitchen.

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