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5 Tips for a Smooth Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels have the potential to go much smoother than most anticipate.  If you have been dreading the remodeling process, don’t fret!  Prepare accordingly and you will find this project isn’t nearly as frustrating and time-consuming as anticipated.  Though you will not be performing the actual labor of the kitchen remodel, you can certainly be proactive and set the stage for the smoothest possible kitchen remodel.  Here’s how.

Envision the Kitchen Remodel of Your Dreams

Write down some notes about your ideal kitchen and you will be able to communicate your vision for this space to the remodeling specialists.  Perhaps you are looking for a kitchen island, a unique backsplash, a breakfast bar, dome lighting, or another unique component.  Think about how you want your kitchen to function, look and feel before putting the wheels in motion for the remodeling job and you won’t be as likely to change your mind mid-project or request changes after the work is done. 

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Balancing Storage and Space

If you are like most people, you want a considerable amount of open space in your kitchen yet you do not want to sacrifice the room available for storage.  However, if the remodel is done in a manner that maximizes storage for your kitchen sundries, it will limit the amount of open space.  Alternatively, if the kitchen remodel is centered on maximizing the area’s open space, you will have less room for storage and food preparation surfaces.  

The key is to find the happy medium between these two extremes.  Consider a design in which shelves are mounted to the walls to enhance the utility of this space all the more.  It might also be prudent to have cabinets installed that move all the way to the ceiling, making the most of your limited kitchen space.

Choose the Right Materials

The quality of your new kitchen’s materials is of the utmost importance.  Every single component including appliances added to your new kitchen should be top-notch in terms of quality.  Though low-quality items are more affordable, they won’t prove reliable across posterity.  It is better to pay more for new, high-quality materials at the time of your kitchen remodel than repurchase those items once again down the line after the originals added during the remodel end up failing or do not work as well expected. 

Zero in on the Flooring

Think long and hard about the type of flooring well ahead of coordinating your kitchen remodel so you don’t have to rush the decision. If you cook the majority of your own meals, you might enjoy a wood floor.  If durability is your primary concern, a stone floor might prove optimal.  If you are on the fence as to which type of flooring is optimal for your kitchen, consult with the experts and you won’t be disappointed.

Clear out the Kitchen as Much as Possible

You can do your part to expedite the kitchen remodel by clearing out all unnecessary items from the kitchen prior to the remodel.  If you have various cooking-related sundries scattered about or other items unrelated to the kitchen, move them out of this space prior to the remodel. Opt for a minimalist setup in which only the bare essentials remain in the kitchen and you will have paved the way for the remodeling specialists to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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