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Modern vs. Traditional Kitchen Design: What’s Better for You?

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, you are likely wondering whether a modern or traditional design is better.  There are merits to each type of remodel yet the one that is ideal for your kitchen might not be optimal for your neighbor’s kitchen and so on.  Let’s take a quick look at how to determine whether a modern or traditional design is better for your kitchen remodel.

Consider the Context 

The kitchen is only one room of your home yet it is quite the important space.  If your home has a modern aesthetic in the interior, it probably does not make sense to add a traditional kitchen design.  However, if your home has a traditional interior design, adding a modern kitchen through a remodel won’t maintain visual uniformity.  Furthermore, homes with a mixture of both traditional and modern interior design elements might be best served with a combination of both traditional and modern kitchen elements for a truly unique space.

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Consider the Most Important Differences Between Traditional and Modern Kitchens.

Take a moment to consider what traditional and modern kitchen designs look like before choosing one or the other.  Real wood finish is one of the highlights of traditional kitchen designs.  Such real wood finishes are often panted with light or pale colors ranging from grey to beige.  Traditional kitchens are also highlighted by classic patterns, stone tiles and limestone/marble worktops.  Furthermore, traditional kitchens also feature a large cooking range.  

In comparison, modern kitchens are comparably sleek.  This theme includes modern appliances that are best described as understated for a seamless integration.  If you love the look and functionality of handless designs and creative hidden storage spaces, you will be more than happy with a modern kitchen aesthetic.  In short, the modern approach includes high-tech kitchen appliances and straightforward design that is more focused on function than form.

The Longevity Factor: How Long Will “Modern” be On-trend?

A remodeled kitchen has the potential to look a bit dated within a decade’s time.  The streamlined aesthetic of modern kitchen designs is certainly optimal in the context of functionality yet this approach might not prove visually chic for as long as originally envisioned.  Opt for a traditional design and your kitchen will include an abundance of wood that can be repainted as desired to infuse new color and life into the kitchen.  In short, it is safer to take the traditional approach to kitchen design as it provides an opportunity to implement updates that enhance the space’s longevity all the more.

Will You be Staying or Selling?

Your decision to move forward with a traditional or modern kitchen design should be partially determined by the amount of time you plan on spending in your current home.  If the remodeled kitchen style does not jive with the rest of your property, it will prove that much more difficult to sell it at or above the ask price.  

As is often said, kitchens are home-sellers.  So don’t underestimate the importance of this space.  However, if you plan on staying in your home for decades, you have more freedom in terms of kitchen design as you are the only one who will use this space.  So take some time to determine your timetable for living in the property before moving forward with a specific kitchen remodel design.

Consider the Period and Style of Your Property

If the kitchen design does not mesh with your property’s period and style, it will stick out like a sore thumb.  When in doubt, opt for a kitchen design that fits in with your home’s period and overarching style.  If you own a period property, it might be better to opt for a traditional kitchen that looks that much more natural within the interior of the home.  

Though a modern kitchen design has the potential to look quite nice within a period home, it will take a little bit more effort to make such a combination work. Do not hesitate to reach out to a kitchen designer for expert insight in regard to choosing the perfect kitchen remodeling design in Fairfax and implementing it into your unique home.

When in Doubt, let Your Personal Taste Drive Your Decision

Your personal taste in design matters more than anything.  If you are partial to modern design and adore minimalism, do not hesitate to lean towards a modern kitchen aesthetic.  If you prefer an AGA range cooker along with traditional aesthetics, follow your gut and go with a traditional look.  

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