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The Differences Between Traditional and Modern Cabinet Design

If you are on the fence as to whether modern or traditional cabinet design is best for your home, you are not alone.  Most homeowners struggle to choose between traditional and modern cabinets as each type has its own unique merits and slight drawbacks.  We’re here to help you decide between these two types of cabinets.

The Case for Modern Cabinets

Modern cabinets are of the current times as opposed to timeless, meaning they are comparably trendy.  However, it is possible that some of the modern cabinet styles that are currently en vogue will stand the test of time.  Modern cabinets are that much edgier than those of yesteryear.  Examples of materials used for modern cabinets include glass, wood, metal, and a combination of materials.  

In particular, open shelving is a popular modern cabinet trend.  Bare shelving puts plates, bowls, cups, and other cabinet items on display.  Open cabinets also present the opportunity to put cookbooks, plants, and other sundries on display, turning kitchen spaces into areas of visual prominence.

Modern cabinets tend to have a white, beige, or another light-colored hue.  The wood used for modern cabinets also tends to be that much more delicate and slim than the wood used in more traditional cabinets.  Unless you covet bulky shelving within your cabinets, you are better served with the modern variety.  In the end, your modern cabinets will provide visual beauty while simultaneously adding to your home’s value.

Traditional Cabinets

Traditional cabinet design is characterized by more of a timeless aesthetic with an old-world style.  These traditional cabinets have a heavier, darker, and thicker build and aesthetic than modern cabinets that are comparably sleek.  If you want a relaxed kitchen setting highlighted by earth tones and bulky cabinets/shelving, opt for the traditional variety and you won’t be disappointed.

Traditional cabinets often consist of wood such as walnut, maple, cherry, and white oak.  Plenty of these cabinets also has carved textures and designs that are fairly subtle in comparison with the bold qualities of the modern cabinets described above.  Furthermore, traditional cabinets are also characterized by robust and sturdy handles and/or doorknobs.  

Open up a traditional cabinet’s doors and you’ll find thick shelves that stand the test of time and provide considerable utility.  Though such a traditional look is characteristic of older homes, some relatively newer homes feature traditional cabinets as they provide a distinct aesthetic that appeals to each homeowner’s unique sensibilities.

How to Choose Between Modern and Traditional Cabinets

Perhaps the only downside to traditional cabinets is that most homeowners want the theme to remain consistent throughout the entirety of the kitchen, surrounding rooms, and possibly the entire house.  Choose traditional cabinets and you might decide it is best to maintain the visual uniformity across the remainder of your living space as mixing and matching traditional with modern cabinets might make the home look and feel disjointed.

In the end, your choice between traditional and modern cabinets ultimately comes down to your personal preference.  If you covet sleek cabinetry consisting of comparably chic and trendy materials such as glass, metal, and laminates, modern cabinets are ideal for your home.  Modern cabinets are also optimal for homeowners who prefer lighter hues and cabinets with handles/knobs that are less obtrusive.

Alternatively, if you want more of a traditional look, solid wood traditional cabinets will suit your fancy.  Homeowners who prefer cabinets with darker hues and those who favor cabinets with protruding handles/knobs will also lean toward traditional cabinets.

When in Doubt, Ask Our Experts for Assistance

If you are still undecided after reading this guide to modern and traditional cabinets, do the smart thing by reaching out to our team for guidance.  After all, the quickest way to learn something new is to ask a professional who is in the know.  Run any questions or concerns you have pertaining to modern and traditional cabinets by our experts and we’ll steer you in the direction that makes the most sense for your unique preferences and home.

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